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About Mens World


Established in 1999, Mens World Accessories Sdn. Bhd. is reputed to be one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of motorcycle accessories based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Since our company was founded, our objective has been to manufacture and distribute high quality accessories to be able to guarantee our valued customers the best technology and design together with a high product quality.

We have developed and still maintain a close collaboration with industry specialists in the production of motorcycle accessories which today has made us a supplier to the most prestigious brands in Malaysia and neighbouring countries.

Our objective therefore continues unaltered and is renewed with the ultimate aim of presenting an impressive and high quality collection positioned on a high level within the market, and working to introduce completely new and innovative styles and technologies.

We are the distributors of prestigious and high value brands such as Oxtar riding boots, Xena disc lock, Oxford essential rider equipments, Motovation frame sliders, Texport racing suit and our household brand of Fieldsheer products in Malaysia.


The search for quality and ultimately perfection never ends. This is Mens World Accessories’ mission.

We are consistently sourcing new products and searching for up to date technological innovations to reach a defined objective; to offer the ultimate protection, comfort, convenience and quality to all motorcycle riders.

Our continuous and unrelenting search for excellence has led us to internationally recognised leaders in the manufacture of the finest products the market has to offer. We continue to search for more…

Quality, safety, comfort, style and ultimate customer satisfaction is the motto Mens World Accessories lives for.

Our Future...
Mens World Accessories has put forward new targets and ideas for the forthcoming year.

Surpassing all previous goals, we aim to maintain our position as one of the leading companies within this market in Malaysia and in our neighbouring countries.

The continued expansion of demand for high value brands means we will continue to remain at the forefront of sourcing the very best quality and style in the market in order to quench this demand.

As a result, Mens World Accessories continues to invest significantly in sourcing, developing and distributing high quality products and the value associated with it and at the same time building a product portfolio containing the finest accessories the market can offer.

In seeking new opportunities we aim to develop our market in countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, England and the United States of America. This plan is in place and we aim to fulfil in the coming years.

We will serve and care for you worldwide

Mensworld Sdn Bhd